The Theory of Everything


The Theory of Everything ****. What a wonderful movie! Don’t get put off by the physics, which is handled at a very high level (you may want to Google “relativity vs. quantum physics”, “black holes”, or “Hawking Radiation”, before you see the film, but only to deepen your enjoyment). The film provides a fairly balanced portrait of this brilliant man who defied doctors’ prediction that Hawking had “at most 2 years to live” and went on to become one of the legendary contributors to cosmology theory. Eddie Redmayne’s acting is astonishing; he manages to capture the unfortunate physical deformities and suffering of ALS patients while at the same time letting Hawking’s brilliant mind and humor show through. Felicity Jones is up to the task of portraying Hawking’s wife and lover, Jane Wilde. While, I am reluctant to spoil the ending for you, I must say their relationship took an unfortunate yet unsurprising turn that left me feel a bit uncomfortable and sad. However, so does life’s turn of events and the movie is based on Jane’s book. Highly recommended!


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2 Responses to The Theory of Everything

  1. Ted Zuschlag says:

    Thanks, I shall view it!
    btw, A prodigy-movie I enjoyed was A Beautiful Mind. It told the story of John Forbes Nash, nobel laureate in economics.

    • A Beautiful Mind is a very nice movie and a stylized reinterpretation of the book, which it compliments nicely. I recommend reading the book if you haven’t already; there were details about Nash’s time at Courant and his house in Princeton Junction, NJ which i used to walk past on my way to the Amtrak station.

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