The Jungle Book (2016)


One of the best films of 2016 is Jon Favreau’s remake of Disney’s Jungle Book cartoon. The CGI is astonishing; not since Babe and Avatar will you be able to suspend disbelief, totally embracing the computer-generated jungle. I feared that this reboot would be a politically-correct, phony-baloney eco-scare “message” movie. Nothing can be further from the truth. True, the story has been updated to modern sensibilities and the jungle and its inhabitants are presented as awesome creations to be admired and feared rather than mere resources to be conquered and exploited. Bill Murray is amazing as Baloo the bear. Scarlett Johannesen is perfectly cast as the voice of the snake, and Christopher Walken has never looked and sounded so good as he does in CGI-form since The King of New York. The actor playing the man-cub Mowgli, Neel Sethi, is nowhere near as good as the rest of the cast, but is charming and athletic enough and is a talent to be watched. Run, swing, or climb, but see it!


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  1. Great review man, I agree voices were perfectly cast

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