First Man Never Takes Off

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A movie which should lift the spirits, providing a rip-roaring adventure, man overcoming seeming impossible odds to achieve one of history’s most significant achievements, stays earthbound. The film focuses on Neil Armstrong but never gets us to really care about him or the events that shaped in into the First Man. Too bad, because in the context of other heroic real-life space adventures such as Apollo 13, The Right Stuff, one would think this would be prime source material, a film that would take its rightful place among the others. Oh Well, The IMAX experience is vastly over-hyped there is perhaps 5 minutes of 70mm footage of the moon walk at in the last quarter (beware that many “IMAX”-labeled theaters don’t show the film in its true aspect ratio). Running time is nearly two and half hours and you will feel every minute of it. Sound mix is awfully loud yes we get what it must have been like for the astronauts during take off. You’ll be exhausted at the end of this mission.


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