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First Man Never Takes Off

A movie which should lift the spirits, providing a rip-roaring adventure, man overcoming seeming impossible odds to achieve one of history’s most significant achievements, stays earthbound. The film focuses on Neil Armstrong but never gets us to really care about … Continue reading

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The Jungle Book (2016)

One of the best films of 2016 is Jon Favreau’s remake of Disney’s Jungle Book cartoon. The CGI is astonishing; not since Babe and Avatar will you be able to suspend disbelief, totally embracing the computer-generated jungle. I feared that … Continue reading

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The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything ****. What a wonderful movie! Don’t get put off by the physics, which is handled at a very high level (you may want to Google “relativity vs. quantum physics”, “black holes”, or “Hawking Radiation”, before you … Continue reading

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Leonard Nimoy: I Am (Not) Spock

I had a chance, in 1978 to see Leonard Nimoy perform as Dr. Martin Dysart, the psychiatrist in the play Equus. As a NYU grad student, I was eligible for special seating for students at a reduced rate and a … Continue reading

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“Boyhood” **** Around the age 50 or we look back and realize life did not quite turn out the way we expected. At 8, it was just a big playground filled with friends, bullies, teachers, parents, siblings, pets, and endless … Continue reading

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Model Shop and Don Draper’s Dilemma

Early in Episode 3, Season 7 of Mad Men, Don Draper sits in a nearly deserted Manhattan cinema smoking and watching Model Shop (perhaps it’s the Loew’s Orpheum, 86th Street, near 3rd Avenue,  where it played when it opened in … Continue reading

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The Great Gatsby (2013)

  Hello Old Sport, I saw Baz Luhrmann new version of The Great Gatsby last night (finally). It was both exhilarating and disappointing, apparently due to Luhrmann’s desire to infuse the film with his sense of “hyper-realism”, (overly saturated colors, frenetically … Continue reading

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Oscar Night 2014

It was a tough decision, Walking Dead or Oscars.  I choose “The Walking Dead” over Oscar. I think it was turned out to be a fair trade; last night’s episode hand the sense of marking time although it delved a … Continue reading

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Do the “American Hustle”

Nifty film captures the feel of America in the mid to late ’70’s. A fictional story set in the midst of a notorious government investigation known as Abscam, the movie raises the same questions we are asking about our government … Continue reading

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Saving Mr. Banks: A worthwhile investment.

While a bit overly long, the dramatization of how Walt Disney secured the rights to P.L. Traver’s Mary Poppins in order to fulfill a 20-year promise to his daughter that he would bring the characters to the big screen, succeeds … Continue reading

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